Since 1986

We also provide Services in:

  • Food brokerage.
  • Quality controls.
  • R+D.
  • Machinery and spare parts.
  • Engineering, consulting and projects.
    • Niko is a German company in the food machinery manufacturing company on the market since 1976 and a reliable expert in its field. At Rolsa Europa we have been representing successfully Niko since 1987. Niko acts from the project and planning of a production line to the start-up the after-sales support and services. The Niko delivery program includes: Filling machines, depalletizers / palletizers, container blowing machines, tunnel pasteurizers / coolers / heaters, transport technology, product washing machines, container washing machines, as well as special machines and systems. Niko has been expanding its quality assurance system according to the growing demands of the food industry. According to the motto Passion for Food, Niko has always been working hard to supply the best and innovative solutions in food processing.
    • HARTER is a German company specialist in drying solutions. Reliable, fast and energy saving drying. Born with the drying of surfaces for automotive industry, it gradually developed its own technology applying it to different sectors, including food and pharmaceuticals. HARTER produces drying systems with excellent performance, thanks to its gentle and reliable drying system, based on an integrated heat pump system, that ensures constant process parameters and reliable drying, while variable temperatures warrant placid dehydrating of products. This closed system produces optimal results in terms of appearance, aroma and bioactivity.

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